#0016 – Tin Magic!

‘Old is Gold’

…they say. The era where we used tin, ceramics and glass to store .. well I can’t even remember how long ago it was. I used to remember my mother used to store rice and tamarind in big containers of tin. We gave them away when we started using plastic. But now, I can’t help but miss them. It feels like they used to store a part of those happy childhood memories in them and now they are gone…

But I was happy to fine these – now-a-days these tins are still used – and not just as fashion statement – having various use around the home, from decoration to actual use in the kitchen, I must say they can steal your heart! 🙂 Here are some that caught my eye –

(All sources from Pinterest, though I’ve linked to the actual links where I could)

Anthropologie’s New Arrivals: Birthday Gifts - Topista #anthrofave:


The minimalist nature of common succulents allows an interesting container to shine - these would be great in the kitchen. Loved by Jemini Flowers, Oxford - www.jemini.co.uk:


Greengate - lovely tins:


vintage cake tin pan cover repurposed into kitchen light fixture. recycle, upcycle, salvage, diy, repurpose! For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL:


Love this shabby chic decor, could use an antique tin. Great idea for a tea party or shower:


Great collection of vintage tins in a soothing color scheme. I may need to start shopping for my own little collection.:


And last but definitely not the least!! 😀

#LGLimitlessDesign #Contest I love these. Made from old coffee and baking tins.:


So do you have tin magic at your home?

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